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BACS HITECH ENGINEERING as an emerging outsourcing company  that endeavor to consistently provide customer delight through superior service and cutting edge technology with a  strong team of technical manpower, to provide the services in various power sector whether it is a renewable or non renewable power sector. BACS strategy is to create a well-diversified power portfolio which is diversified both technologically and geographically, has no fuel dependency and is at grid parity. 

                BACS HITECH Engineering has the expertise to handle all aspects power sector irrespective of type.Some of the major keys areas are:- 

  1. Erection & Commissioning
  2. Operation & Maintenance
  3. Transmission ,Distribution & Substation 

We provide all the above mentioned services in all the power sectors.

As it is said “Do what you do best and outsource the rest”.

So, to handle rest of your Burden and problems we are here. 

Erection And Commissioning

We can Oversee for all aspects of Project Planning- includes release of drawing, resource & manpower to ensure on time completion of all projects. Spearheading project activities involving working out various requirements & monitoring overall project operations for ensuring timely completion of Commissioning activities.

We also take care of all technical & managerial aspects, developing various reports on performance analysis and handling planning for better productivity. Anchoring erection & commissioning of machines & equipments and ensuring completion of project in minimum turnaround time effective resource utilization to maximize the output.

installation & commissioning & Erection as well as conducting tests & inspections to ensure operational effectiveness of utilities; planning & effectuating maintenance plans for machines and equipments. And for all over operation & proper maintenance of the project throughout the project lifespan can be taken care of by us.

We believe that our ability to provide coal handling and ash handling solutions , which forms a substantial part of the BOP contracts, provides us with a competitive advantage in terms of cost, quality and execution timeline.

Operation And Maintenance

1. Non Renewable Sector (Thermal power Plant)

2. Renewable Sector (Wind Power Sector, Solar Power Sector)

As per  our Indian economy where budgets are carefully crafted and expenses are closely monitored, our clients depend on us to provide total maintenance services projects of any scale that align with their business goals and our professional commitment to excellence and safety.

We provides comprehensive operations and maintenance services that increase reliability and in turn revenues. We partner with various power project owners, aligning our goals with theirs to maximize profits and ensure success over the full project life span.

Our maintenance services include plant site management, planning/scheduling, AMC Maintenance, preventative/predictive maintenance, professional safety, and stores/spares/integrated supply and craft personnel and supervision. 

Our team has the capability to investigate advice and implement integrated solutions as well as broad experience in optimizing and incorporating the most suitable or specialist technology to fulfill specific project needs.

We provide service & manpower for operation & maintenance of power plant ranging from 10MW till 660MWsingle unit for all types of Boilers (AFBC, CFBC, PF& Super Critical Boiler)

In Operation Department of Thermal Power Plant  we can provide manpower solution  from Operator level to Manager level in BTG Area i.e. Boiler ,Turbine & Generator , DM Plant, AHP ,CHP area also.

In maintenance Department of Thermal Sector We also have manpower for low level to Manager Level in BOP Area, Annual maintenance contract (AMC), Shut Down Maintenance & preventive maintenance.

(wind)Renewable energies are safe, profitable and reliable. The technology exists, processes are tried and tested and there are countless success stories. Dependable renewable energy has become reality. There is no longer any reason to wait – the energy is here.

 We provide solution for wind power also by outsourcing manpower for various section in Operation & Maintenance .IN Wind Power sector under maintenance we look after Wind Turbine Generator Operation (WTG Operation),Quality Testing, Inspection/Testing, Substation/ Switchyard  and in Maintenance Sector We take Care of all Types of maintenance like  Preventive Maintenance, breakdown maintenance, Shutdown Maintenance, and Troubleshooting.

(Solar)We have not bounded ourselves to thermal and wind, we can outsource you for Solar Sector, Operation & maintenance, and In Operation we can handle Solar panel operation, Quality Testing &Calibration etc.

In Solar Sector also we handle each and every type of maintenance whether it is a preventive, breakdown or shutdown maintenance and troubleshoot issue also.Our operations and maintenance efforts ensure energy yield optimization in accordance with onsite climate and grid conditions.

The combined synergy of our business units and customer support network helps us succeed in our tasks and at the same time benefit our customers giving them complete satisfaction.

Transmission Distribution And Substation

BACS is an independent quality related engineering organization offering wide range of Power Solutions & technical services. We also provide services include, Erection, testing & commissioning of LV/MV/HV/EHV Substation.

Company specialists have extensive knowledge and experience in power transmission lines and electrical substations, as well as construction management during the installation of overhead transmission lines and underground power cables, and maintenance consultation.

We make it happen by creating value for our clients through world-class technical excellence in delivering end-to-end power solutions for transmission and distribution facilities, Energy Protection and Control Systems, including SCADA, Independent Engineer. We can help in  setting up complete system from 11 kV to 220 kV like Substation, Transmission lines, Unit Substation and metering unit, with its Commissioning, O & M Service. 



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